Prefabricated Brick Walls was made with the thought of making construction and home improvement jobs easier. 

The present invention involves prefabricated brick and mortar face modules of both columnar and rectangular fence wall shapes that are light in weight and attractive in appearance. These modules have a heavy duty liner of durable high density plastic. The plastic is especially selected to be resistance to changes in the acidity of soul and ground water, rain and atmosphere air. The modules are designed to be erected on a base studded to a solid surface. Each prefabricated module is equipped with a capital of durable plastic which has studs positioned to fit into the plastic tubes and is constructed of the same durable plastic as the tubes. The ends of the wall sections, which are installed so that that they abut one another or a columnar. 
Prefabricated Brick Walls can be used by a novice contractor or home improver.

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